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With Retargeting you reach visitors that have visited parts of your website through ads or image ads. Retargeting is suited for every business, and doesn't require a large budget. And since you will reach people who have visited your website before, you reach the right target audience, which results in a high conversion rate. 

How does Retargeting work?

Retar​​geting your target audience, can be done in multiple ways. For example, you can target the interests of people, based on the surfing behavior of your users. Or based on ​​​​​demographic data, such as age, gender or place of residence. 

Visitors will be recognized by the use of a cookie. This cookie analyzes the behavior of different visitors. Someone who places a product in his or her shopping cart, but decides not to buy it, can be approached after a simple segmentation, by using a personal message. This is only one example of the many ways in which retargeting can be done. 

When do you use Retargeting?

Most visitors exit a website without converting. With retargeting you get the opportunity to reach out to them again. By using retargeting in a clever way, we can tempt these visitors to visit your website once again. You can think of ads with special offers, to get the visitor to convert anyway. 

Is Retargeting suited for you?

Curious to what Regargeting can do for your business? DBOM would like to help you determine which target audience is relevant to your service or product. Together we make sure that we reach your target audience with the right message. Get in touch for a free consultation!

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