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The world of online marketing is constantly moving. We have been seeing a trend in the centralization and automation of online activities for a while now, and it will become the standard for every online marketing agency. For now though, DBOM still has the lead, and anticipates on this dynamic market. We have entered a new era, to assist our clients better, more efficiently and especially more effectively. Following the trend, we have started working with DoubleClick since November 2016. 

What is DoubleClick? 

DBOM started using DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) in November 2016. This is an integrated ad-technology platform. With this platform we can create, manage and thoroughly optimize digital marketing campaigns in one environment. To do this, a complete set of tools is available in one central environment. 

Advantages for our Customers

At present, paid online marketing activities are used and optimized by hand, based on experience. We will still be using this experience, but the technology of DoubleClick can complete this process. Within this package there are many new and advanced tools available, which help us to analyse and optimize campaigns on a deeper level. This way we can improve the ROI and increase the amount of conversions. 

The most important advantages of DoubleClick: 

  • Smart algorithms

With the so-called bid management algorithm the behavior of (potential) customers will be analyzed, to automatically optimize the bids on advertisements. This can cause a higher click through rate, lower costs per click and more conversions. 

  • More insights

DoubleClick comes with more measurement instruments, to gain a better insight in the achievements of our campaigns. This makes it easier to optimize campaigns. It also provides us with more insight in the steps a consumer has made, before converting. We can use this information to make strategic choices and to make better use of our budget. 

  • Better targeting

With DoubleClick it will be easier to set up online profiles of your websites’ visitors, with information on their behavior. Based on this information we can set up smart targeting for every different channel. 

  • Durability

The centralization and automation of online marketing channels is happening and will be applied to everything. By implementing this we cause durability and make sure that we still have the lead. Most of your competitors don’t use DoubleClick yet, which gives you a competitive head start.  

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