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AdWords is the best-known form of SEA and is one of the main expertises of DBOM. It has proven to be a very effective way to reach your audience through ads in Google's search engine. These ads are very relevant because you only show them when someone enters keywords into google that are determined by us in advance. You only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad, which directs directly to your website. DBOM ​​can build and set up Adwords campaigns, but also optimize campaigns that already exist.

Setting up AdWords campaigns

Initially, the AdWords account will need to be built. The many different keywords that the customer can use to search in Google's search engine will be put in the right campaign structure, with the right settings.

Optimise AdWords campaigns

At predetermined periodic times, the campaigns will be evaluated. Based on this evaluation, adjustments will follow which will improve performance. All findings, recommendations and adjustments are reported in weekly or monthly updates.

What can DBOM do for you?

  • Ad Creation: The correct ad text or banner is very important. DBOM can help you with creating ads and banners with the desired message you want to communicate.
  • Settings: There are many opportunities with Adwords. DBOM ​​ensures that you always set up the right campaigns, thereby maximizing the reach of your target audience.
  • Management, Analysis and Reporting: DBOM ​​takes care of ongoing optimizing and management of campaigns and ensures that the campaigns always perform optimally.

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