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Conversion Optimization

An optimal conversion flow equals more revenue! Just wait and see what we can do with our experience, optimization knowledge, skills and most importantly (in this case) tools.

Using Conversion Optimization we're able to analyze what the exact reasons are why your website isn't performing according to your standards. We use several tools to convert this knowledge into actionable adjustments to your website to improve the performance. 

A/B tests
In many cases an A/B test is sufficient enough to advance in conversion optimization. In an A/B test we rotate the original page with an alternative that we think might perform better. Based on actual customer visits we can determine what changes to the page have a positive effect on your sales.

Multivariate test
In some cases we resort to a Multivariate test. Instead of just testing one or two changes to a page, we test multiple pages with more structural changes. Switching all the sections of a page, for example, to see if the results will be different. For these tests to be conclusive we do need some more time and more visits to be able to make a correct analysis.

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